About Meghan

Meghan Cafferky is a fully certified Pilates Process® instructor and teacher trainer, specializing in both fitness and therapeutic Pilates. A graduate of York University with a BFA Honors in Dance, Meghan has always been passionate about movement, physical health and the human form. She has taught in serval studios in Toronto, as well as in the homes of private clients. Meghan offers her clients the rewards of a challenging, yet safe and effective work out that is designed around their individual needs and goals. She committed to working collaboratively with her clients to empower them embody positive changes in their body including, improved posture, balance, bio mechanics and pain management.

What is Pilates?

Pilates is a dynamic, low-impact form of exercise that helps to increase strength, mobility and core stability. It is also used to improve posture and bio mechanics, as well as create a deeper sense of body awareness and physical well-being. Named after it’s original creator and founder, Joseph Pilates, many different methodologies of the practice have emerged over the last century. Pilates Process, is one of those evolutions. This methodology aims to respond and adapt to the latest research on fitness and biomechanics by implementing emerging teaching techniques. Because of it’s versatility, Pilates is an amazing fitness modality that can meet the needs of all fitness levels and abilities. This adaptable movement practice also lends itself to being a highly sought after form of movement therapy. It can be a wonderful therapeutic option for people with varying forms of physical limitations and conditions, as wells as individuals who suffer from chronic pain and illnesses.